Saturday, September 27, 2008

Trip To South East Saskatchewan

I always think
"Does anyone really need to see another picture of a rising/setting sun?"
But then you take a few pictures, look at them, and you realize how really
amazing it is that the sun keeps rising and setting no matter what goes on in life.
And so you think "Yup - I'll take another picture!"
Aren't those farmers up yet?
Look at me! "Career City Woman" with 'banker's hours'.
I've already driven a 100 km and drank most of
my Timmy's Tea and I am on my second run through
of singing the songs from the CD sound track of "Mamma Mia"...!
(Don't you always sound so good singing in the vehicle???)

I like old houses. You wonder what secrets they hold.
Was there warmth, joy and love shared between the walls?
Or did they only know sorrow, pain and heartache?
Perhaps a bit of all.

Birds in flight!
6 Adorable Kitties Looking For A Good Home!
In-between branches we stopped at my friend, ML's (co-worker's) farm to take a
'coffee break' with her kitties! Their mama was killed and
she has been bottle feeding them for awhile now.
(Oh ML, there is a special place in Heaven for those that take care
of helpless animals - I just know it!!)
They are basically all litter trained. Well...except for the one little
guy who had a bit of an accident on me while I was holding him.
But it was just wee little kittie poops! And they will hopefully be eating on their own soon.
ML says she is coming into the city next week - she will even deliver them to you!!!
Let me know if you want one and I will let her know!

Boots....cute little Bootsy!! (Well...little compared to my big kitty anyways!)
He was interested in me at first (close up!) but then, as a well loved cat will,
he promptly plunked himself down to be admired and have a picture or two taken of him.
He is used to having his picture taken as him mama loves photography as well!
It was a pleasure to meet you Boots!

Hmmm....perhaps I will see these Alpacas' hair at the craft sale next weekend!

Ya' just got to love
Thanks for the hospitality South East friends/staff!
It is always a pleasure to come out for a visit!

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katrina lauren said...

awe those little baby kitten's are too cute! though i'm afraid our little schnauzer friend is not a cat i had better not get one!


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