Friday, September 5, 2008

Scary Moment @ The Zoo!

OK boys - let's do something fun. You both walk under that dinosaur and pretend he is going to bend his head down and eat you! No come on really - it will be fun! It will look SCARY! Come on, both of you. You guys! YOU GUUUYYYS! (said with just a 'hint' of whining in the voice) Just DO IT! OK Wayne, that's good - now Kurtis, look scared. Kurtis...get your hands out of your pocket and put your hands up like you are frightened!!! KURTIS!!! I ASK FOR SO LITTLE FROM YOU! CAN YOU NOT DO THIS ONE THING FOR ME!!!! (And that's pretty much how that scene played out.) This from a boy who only a short 8 years ago during a trip to the zoo, was all too happy to pretend to be picking the dinosaur's nose so he could gross out his Nana! they change!

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