Thursday, September 11, 2008

Reflection of This Week So Far

Accomplishments of week to figure out how to spend last 2 days of holidays:
~ Bathed and dressed every day (yes - that is good)
~ Watched a bunch of talk shows (season premiere week!)
~ Ellen (LOVE her - her show makes me happy - she's a MUST SEE TV every day)
~ Bonnie Hunt (new - not bad - will finish watching this week but won't be faithful)
~ The View (don't usually watch - can't stand them all talking at once)
~ Regis & Kelly (can't stand Kelly talking about her big thighs...give me a break!!)
~ Dr Phil (watch for 5 to 10 min - it's the car accident - you just have to look)
~ The Doctors (new - Dr Phil x 4 - ugh - watched show on Monday - haven't watched since)
~ Oprah (it's Oprah...what more is there to say...I try to watch her when I can)
~ OK, and BESIDES the talk shows I:
~ Organized my 3 bedroom closets
~ Got rid of some purses and rearranged ones left (see below the cool hooks I used)
~ Organized under the stairs
~ Made cookies (see below)
~ Went to show last night - Momma Mia - Date Night! - and for those of you that have seen it and know my LOVE for Colin Firth - don't you think Wayne had fun with me in regards to the character Colin plays in this movie - that's all I will say - I don't want to spoil it for anyone - but I loved it - will buy the DVD when it comes out! - Wayne thought it wasn't bad "for a musical"!

So I bought these little hooks about 2 years ago. Didn't know what I was going to do with them but they were cheap and cute. As my purses were accumulating, I got the idea of using the hooks to organize them! They work great! So, is this a lot of purses? (I get my love of purses from my mother - but I don't get her love of shoes - hate the shoes - love the purses! - and watches - I love watches - got many!) Anyways, I thought it was kind of a cool idea.

And the cookies I made yesterday. Ginger Snaps (more like chews). Mmmmm....very yummy! I am sending some to Wayne's work (make sure you get some M & P!).

So reflecting on what I have done this week, I believe I will spend my last two days of 'freedom' crafting. Oh yeah...and watching the talk shows!!! :-)

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