Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Last Good Show On TV

I called a dear friend last night that I haven't talked to in a very long while (way over a year). Too long. She's one of those friends that you can just pick up with a conversation as if you had just talked yesterday. The start of the conversation went something like this:

She ~ "Hello"

Me ~ "Hey, whatcha you doing?"
"Watching Dancing With The Stars" (giggling)
"Dancing With The Stars! Like with Cloris Leachman?" (laughing out loud)
"Yeah (more giggling) did you know she was 82 years old?"

"Oh my stars, that is way too old to be on Dancing With The Stars."
"She did pretty good for her age."
"I don't think she is as bad as when they had Jerry Springer on last year." (both of us ~ laughing out loud)
"Yeah, and he wasn't even one of the first ones off!" (more laughing)
"No kidding..what was up with that? Jerry Springer??" (laughing harder ~ with a snort)
"Well, I don't really watch the show very often, just if I happen to have the TV on. What shows do you watch?"
"I can't really think of any shows I watch without fail except for Ellen Degeneres. I think the last really good family TV show was Home Improvement which I still watch most nights on reruns."
"Yeah, why don't they bring the Partridge Family back....ba ba ba ba ba (take note that she was actually singing the song here)..."
"Yeah...David Cassidy...."
Together in unison "Oh that hair.."

And then we continued laughing and laughing, sometimes uncontrollably, between topics of: Our cats, the 'mole ladies', Richard Simmons, draw backs of Facebook, painting walls, our jobs, chocolate, exercise, food, our family, etc. and before we knew it, it was almost an hour later.

So here is to you dear friend, hope to talk to you again soon. Love you lots!

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Anonymous said...

Well, does that bring back memories! But, how old is David Cassidy? He looks too young to be singing a song about love....maybe puppy love, but that was Paul Anka :))) And I loved the high-tech lighting and instruments. Oh, enough sarcasm....it is only making me feel old...and speaking about old, I just saw Cloris again on Dancing with the Stars....she's not moving too fast, but she's a movin'...way to go Golden Girl! Oh, and I think Catherine you should start up professionally blogging....maybe call Ellen....I think she could hire you..and maybe you will get a glimpse of Dreamy George Clooney....but then he may have his Dolly Parton statue in the way and you won't get a good look at him....but you never know......Georgie Porgie...well, I've babbled on just like we did on the phone last night. Poncho says hi, and he meows very early Saturday morning, and his bowl can even have food in it....I think he just wants the bed to himself....thinking to himself...why hasn't she left for work yet? Yes, we do love our pets.....even if I have to vacuum hair ball after hair ball. He is always at the door to great me when I come home and ALWAYS wants his belly rubbed....too cute! Blessings and keep blogging!!


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