Friday, September 12, 2008

Countdown of Holidays & Summer

The last colors of my garden – the purples, the yellows, the whites - struggling against the frost threats – they persevere as the days quickly pass – fall whispering in the air - while the pinks, the oranges, the blues have shied away from my garden – even the greens of the leaves of the trees are turning traders – they transition into their yellows, golds and reds – and as my last day of holidays slip away as fast – I too shall struggle - against the clock – trying to make every moment stretch a little longer – bending time at will – I am so sad - the glass is NOT half full today – it is not even half empty – there is but a mere dribble in the bottom of the cup to appease my thirst for freedom...Catherine M A Sykes

OK – that’s really depressing.
I will be walking to the mall this morning to buy a lotto ticket.
That is my last hope - wish me luck!

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