Friday, September 5, 2008

Familiars and New @ The Zoo

As we were walking up to the zoo and I was taking out my camera and Kurtis was walking along side of me I put my arm around him and said "Aren't you excited Kurtis? We haven't been to the zoo in over 2 years!" He looked at me with zero expression on his face (as teenagers often do) and said "Yeah, and you will take the same pictures of the same animals doing the same things." And I said "Hardly!" Well, it turns out we were both right/wrong. Here are two that didn't seem to move much in 2 years!

But of course, there were some ADORABLE new wee ones at the zoo! The new baby giraffe and a new baby elephant and a new baby gorilla - who was not very cooperative in having its picture taken!

Hadn't seen this guy (girl) before! They have sting rays at the zoo! Who knew? It was hard to take their picture - there was two of them - as their tank didn't have glass sides and you couldn't get too close so had to kind of take a picture from the top.

So there were some new animals doing some new things!!!

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