Thursday, September 4, 2008

20 Years Together

We celebrated our 20th Anniversary in Calgary.
September 3 - the first picture is our engagement picture and of course the other two, from our wedding on September 3, 1988 and then from Wednesday night, September 3, 2008.
We ate supper at Tony Roma's. (I am thinking I have to teach my son how to take pictures!) Personally - I don't think we look too different - OK - so Wayne's hair is basically white - so Tuesday night the 18-ish year old clerk at Rona asked Wayne if he got the senior's discount.
OMG that was HYSTERICAL!!! We laughed and laughed!!!
That's OK Wayne, you are still the only man I love.
And you are the only man I dream about at night. and Colin Firth...but I always go home with you in my dreams!
Love you lots - love of my life - here's to another 20 more years!

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