Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another Crafty Sunday

I should have been outside today cleaning up my flower garden.
But, I was not. I watched "Sense & Sensibility"
and made 2 baby cards and 2 Christmas cards.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Trip To South East Saskatchewan

I always think
"Does anyone really need to see another picture of a rising/setting sun?"
But then you take a few pictures, look at them, and you realize how really
amazing it is that the sun keeps rising and setting no matter what goes on in life.
And so you think "Yup - I'll take another picture!"
Aren't those farmers up yet?
Look at me! "Career City Woman" with 'banker's hours'.
I've already driven a 100 km and drank most of
my Timmy's Tea and I am on my second run through
of singing the songs from the CD sound track of "Mamma Mia"...!
(Don't you always sound so good singing in the vehicle???)

I like old houses. You wonder what secrets they hold.
Was there warmth, joy and love shared between the walls?
Or did they only know sorrow, pain and heartache?
Perhaps a bit of all.

Birds in flight!
6 Adorable Kitties Looking For A Good Home!
In-between branches we stopped at my friend, ML's (co-worker's) farm to take a
'coffee break' with her kitties! Their mama was killed and
she has been bottle feeding them for awhile now.
(Oh ML, there is a special place in Heaven for those that take care
of helpless animals - I just know it!!)
They are basically all litter trained. Well...except for the one little
guy who had a bit of an accident on me while I was holding him.
But it was just wee little kittie poops! And they will hopefully be eating on their own soon.
ML says she is coming into the city next week - she will even deliver them to you!!!
Let me know if you want one and I will let her know!

Boots....cute little Bootsy!! (Well...little compared to my big kitty anyways!)
He was interested in me at first (close up!) but then, as a well loved cat will,
he promptly plunked himself down to be admired and have a picture or two taken of him.
He is used to having his picture taken as him mama loves photography as well!
It was a pleasure to meet you Boots!

Hmmm....perhaps I will see these Alpacas' hair at the craft sale next weekend!

Ya' just got to love
Thanks for the hospitality South East friends/staff!
It is always a pleasure to come out for a visit!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Long But GOOD Day

I was at work today by 5:30 am (hence no morning post) and traveled over 350 km visiting 3 of our branches (after an early/late road trip yesterday) and am very tired. I got home around 3 pm and headed straight to my computer. As you can see, I may have had a long day, but it ended very nicely. How happy do I look in these pictures? I have my Timmy's tea now and I am heading to the tub for a long hot soak and will share today's adventure's on tomorrow's blog!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Breaking Point

It became evident to everyone that Banjo's new diet was starting to get to him...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I Spy

You will have to click on the picture to
make it bigger to find some items ~ have fun!
I Spy
3 scarfed cats that are sitting up
1 bad cat that has had his sup'
A silver cat and 2 cats with a bow
And the word "welcome" all in a row
A cat that laughs and a cat with string
And 4 footprints where a cat has been
7 hearts and 2 butterflies
2 gold leaves and a dragonfly
Can you find the penciled mouse
10 boned fish that could stink the house

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Purple Flower

I can't really think of anything to talk about in regards to this purple flower, I was just goofing around with the photo and this is what I came up with. I just liked it. There really isn't anything to say about it. You either like it or you don't. I just thought I would share it with you. If you don't like it, that's OK, to each their own. It just made me happy to look at it. ~ :-)

The Last Good Show On TV

I called a dear friend last night that I haven't talked to in a very long while (way over a year). Too long. She's one of those friends that you can just pick up with a conversation as if you had just talked yesterday. The start of the conversation went something like this:

She ~ "Hello"

Me ~ "Hey, whatcha you doing?"
"Watching Dancing With The Stars" (giggling)
"Dancing With The Stars! Like with Cloris Leachman?" (laughing out loud)
"Yeah (more giggling) did you know she was 82 years old?"

"Oh my stars, that is way too old to be on Dancing With The Stars."
"She did pretty good for her age."
"I don't think she is as bad as when they had Jerry Springer on last year." (both of us ~ laughing out loud)
"Yeah, and he wasn't even one of the first ones off!" (more laughing)
"No kidding..what was up with that? Jerry Springer??" (laughing harder ~ with a snort)
"Well, I don't really watch the show very often, just if I happen to have the TV on. What shows do you watch?"
"I can't really think of any shows I watch without fail except for Ellen Degeneres. I think the last really good family TV show was Home Improvement which I still watch most nights on reruns."
"Yeah, why don't they bring the Partridge Family ba ba ba ba (take note that she was actually singing the song here)..."
"Yeah...David Cassidy...."
Together in unison "Oh that hair.."

And then we continued laughing and laughing, sometimes uncontrollably, between topics of: Our cats, the 'mole ladies', Richard Simmons, draw backs of Facebook, painting walls, our jobs, chocolate, exercise, food, our family, etc. and before we knew it, it was almost an hour later.

So here is to you dear friend, hope to talk to you again soon. Love you lots!

Click it on and remember!


Monday, September 22, 2008

Summer in a Jar

If you have ~ A small clear bottle with a lid
A little bit of craft sand ~ An assortment of sea shells
Then you can keep summer in a jar ~ For as long as you like!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Living Dangerously

a Lady Bug came to visit
but Banjo let her get away

Friday, September 19, 2008

Finally Friday

~ little yellow flower ~
~ peeking through to see ~
~ can it catch a little more ~
~ sun so it can be ~
~ it won't take long ~
~ before you know it ~
~ the cold will find it too ~
~ but until then ~
~ do what you can ~
~ keep on peeking through ~
Catherine M A Sykes

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thankful for Thursday


Happy thought for the day...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Colorful Wednesday

Since my winter scenes were so depressing yesterday ~ how about a little color from my garden? My illuminated butterfly and dragonfly dancing around an illuminated globe. Much more appealing I suspect!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Winter Reminder

Just in case you forgot what winter looked like.... :-)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Crafty Sunday

# of hours spent crafting: 8
# of movies watched while crafting: 4 (The Mirror Has Two Faces; Bridget Jones' Diary; Bridget Jones The Edge of Reason; Pride & Prejudice)
# of cards made: 9 (3 Christmas, 2 Birthday, 1 Halloween, 3 Anytime)
# of loads of laundry done: 3
All and all - a very productive day!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Photoshop Saturday

Spent a lot of the day goofing around with different techniques in my photo program that I just haven't taken the time to learn. These six pictures are of the same two angels that I have, using the same background (my kitchen wall) and the same base (my kitchen table). I like how a couple of them almost look 'painted' and that two of the angels appear to be 'floating'. Very cool!

Doesn't she kind of look painted at the bottom but still glass at the top? Kind of a neat effect I think!

I added the halo with a 'smudge' technique. It almost looks glowing I think!

Friday, September 12, 2008

A Regular Weekend Begins

By the time I click on the "publish post" button my holidays will have ended and a regular weekend will have begun. As always, it goes by so fast, as holidays often do. And I know for anyone that hasn't had the luxury of getting 3 weeks holidays in a row, they are probably rolling their eyes at me.........but that is OK, I have some more time off in October and November.....!!!!!! It's one of the "perks" of being a long term employee!! :-0 Lot's of holidays! Whahoo!

So I will suck it up, quite crying, and start planning on what I will do for my days off in October! Ha, ha!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Countdown of Holidays & Summer

The last colors of my garden – the purples, the yellows, the whites - struggling against the frost threats – they persevere as the days quickly pass – fall whispering in the air - while the pinks, the oranges, the blues have shied away from my garden – even the greens of the leaves of the trees are turning traders – they transition into their yellows, golds and reds – and as my last day of holidays slip away as fast – I too shall struggle - against the clock – trying to make every moment stretch a little longer – bending time at will – I am so sad - the glass is NOT half full today – it is not even half empty – there is but a mere dribble in the bottom of the cup to appease my thirst for freedom...Catherine M A Sykes

OK – that’s really depressing.
I will be walking to the mall this morning to buy a lotto ticket.
That is my last hope - wish me luck!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rules For Visitors

Rules for People Who Visit and Don’t Like My Cat
1. My cat lives here. You don't.
2. If you don't want his hair on your clothes, stay off the furniture; that's why it’s called "fur"niture.
3. I like my cat a lot better than I like most people.
4. To you, it's an animal; to me, he is an adopted son who is short, hairy and walks on all fours.
5. If you are allergic to cats, please feel free to not inhale while visiting.

True Love

Can't you just picture Wayne and me, these two little blondies, smooching under the school ramp and behind a soccer ball??? For that matter...can you even imagine me playing soccer??? Well - I guess I did used to go to Wayne's hockey games too - until I got the ol' engagement ring...then that stopped!
Still love ya' Wayne!!
You have always been the man for me!

Christmas Craft

Obviously I have to learn to take better pictures of transparent objects, but I think you can get the picture!! So yes indeed - I did make a Christmas craft this afternoon. CHRISTMAS!!! These are a bit bigger then the ones I made last year. It's hard to see the snowflake dangling in the centre of the ball and that the berries are actually 'frosted' looking. But they are really pretty! I think I sold about 15 - 16 of similar smaller ones last year. We will see how these ones do, though I am having a hard time finding the red birds. Perhaps I won't be able to make very many. I bought out Wal-mart's supply (4...big whoop) but would actually like ones that are a teeny bit smaller. And as much as I love Michael's, their birds are just WAY too expensive! And before you know it, we will be putting up our Christmas decorations so I would like to make a few more!!

Honestly, can I not just dwindle away a day? :-)

I did make it out for 'brunch' this morning with my best friend (the "ride the bus gal" below) and then watched the talk shows while I crafted my afternoon away! So all in all, it was quite a lovely day. will I ever go back to work on Monday!

Reflection of This Week So Far

Accomplishments of week to figure out how to spend last 2 days of holidays:
~ Bathed and dressed every day (yes - that is good)
~ Watched a bunch of talk shows (season premiere week!)
~ Ellen (LOVE her - her show makes me happy - she's a MUST SEE TV every day)
~ Bonnie Hunt (new - not bad - will finish watching this week but won't be faithful)
~ The View (don't usually watch - can't stand them all talking at once)
~ Regis & Kelly (can't stand Kelly talking about her big thighs...give me a break!!)
~ Dr Phil (watch for 5 to 10 min - it's the car accident - you just have to look)
~ The Doctors (new - Dr Phil x 4 - ugh - watched show on Monday - haven't watched since)
~ Oprah (it's Oprah...what more is there to say...I try to watch her when I can)
~ OK, and BESIDES the talk shows I:
~ Organized my 3 bedroom closets
~ Got rid of some purses and rearranged ones left (see below the cool hooks I used)
~ Organized under the stairs
~ Made cookies (see below)
~ Went to show last night - Momma Mia - Date Night! - and for those of you that have seen it and know my LOVE for Colin Firth - don't you think Wayne had fun with me in regards to the character Colin plays in this movie - that's all I will say - I don't want to spoil it for anyone - but I loved it - will buy the DVD when it comes out! - Wayne thought it wasn't bad "for a musical"!

So I bought these little hooks about 2 years ago. Didn't know what I was going to do with them but they were cheap and cute. As my purses were accumulating, I got the idea of using the hooks to organize them! They work great! So, is this a lot of purses? (I get my love of purses from my mother - but I don't get her love of shoes - hate the shoes - love the purses! - and watches - I love watches - got many!) Anyways, I thought it was kind of a cool idea.

And the cookies I made yesterday. Ginger Snaps (more like chews). Mmmmm....very yummy! I am sending some to Wayne's work (make sure you get some M & P!).

So reflecting on what I have done this week, I believe I will spend my last two days of 'freedom' crafting. Oh yeah...and watching the talk shows!!! :-)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ode To My Best Girlfriend

And you know who you are!!!

'Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.' ~ Oprah

I know you will always ride the bus with me girlfriend! Love you!

PS - maybe it is time to get back to work. I'm spending too much time watching talk shows!!

Big Kiss! ;-{} (Wow...that's some 'whore' lipstick!)

Getting Your "Groove" On

It is almost noon on my 3rd week of holidays. I am facing the home stretch. 2.5 days left. Is the glass "half full or half empty"? Pessimist or Realist? You decide.

So as I was making the most of my valuable time left surfing other blogs (hey, it's pouring rain and it's cold out - I had a bath and got dressed with a fresh sweatshirt and pajama pants - that was all I was setting out to accomplish today!!) Anyways, so I was perusing and I came across this quote and it really hit home for me as it fits my life's new motto of "I am who I am, and I'm OK with that!". And it reads:

"Maybe one of these days I'll be able to give myself a gold star for being ordinary. And maybe one of these days I'll give myself a gold star for being extraordinary. And maybe one day I won't need to have a gold star at all." ~ Sue Bender

I love it! Read into it what you will. I know what it means to me.

I also LOVE the campaign that Dove has: Campaign For Real Beauty - if you have never seen their video on "evolution", watch it, it's amazing!

Another thought for today: "Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough." ~ Oprah

So celebrate who you are and where you are TODAY! Get Your Groove On Woman!

Wow....that was deep...I wonder if I will be so full of wisdom (full of something), philosophical, confident, and enthusiastic around 9:00 pm Sunday night as my 3 weeks holidays and weekend comes to a close.... :-)

Love is...

...your hubby building your kitty, who has a 'bum' hip, a step to put at the end of your new tall bed so that you don't have to get up in the middle of the night to lift your kitty into your bed so that he can sleep with you and so your kitty can jump up any time he wants! Even when you are not home so he can sleep on your side of the bed when you are at work all day. Awww! Sweet!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Some interesting clouds.
Doesn't it just make you want to gaze at the sky and watch the clouds go by all day long?

Banjo Again

So handsome my kitty!

Banjo's Diet

Had Banjo back to the vet yesterday for his "weigh in"! He is holding steady at 23 1/2 lbs! I think he is enjoying being able to finally scratch his own ears again! I am taking him in every 2 weeks to closely monitor his weight. The vet doesn't want him losing too fast but we don't want him to gain any of his weight back either. It is a fine science to try and figure out the right food proportions for doing that!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Rest and Relaxation

Back to the hotel for some rest and relaxation before heading out for the evening. Once again, I have to take my own sad....! We stayed at a brand new Holiday Inn Express. Always my favorite! None of those yucky old - washed once a year - polyester bedspreads here! Nice white duvets that you know are clean. And continental hot breakfast! We ate a big breakfast every morning and then just needed a light snack for lunch. Good stuff! Only thing negative was that the bed was harder then a rock! Kurtis thought his was OK. What does his young back know! :-)


Self Explanatory

Eating Out

We had two very nice meals while we were in Calgary. And just like Erma Bombeck says below in an earlier post/quote, we did indeed:

"Seize The Moment" and therefore, did not pass up the dessert tray our Anniversary night. We SHARED a sundae. YUMMY!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The End @ The Zoo

GOOD BYE sad little monkey! See you next year!

Strange Animal @ The Zoo

Wayne wondered how they captured this STRANGE animal and taught her to use the water hose. Oh Wayne - you are so hilari-ass!!!

French Fry Birds @ The Zoo

In as many years I have been to the Calgary Zoo, I have never seen the sparrows act the way that did on this trip. Perhaps because we ate a late lunch that day and were basically the only ones sitting outside the cafe eating our snack of french fries. All these sparrows (25 - 50 at a time) would just hop and stand right around our table, looking right up at you! It was very SUPRISING! We couldn't figure out what they were doing at first but then the thought came to us that they were looking for food. Now I know this is really BAD but I decided to feed them some french fries. I know the poor little things shouldn't be eating all that salt and fat but I just couldn't resist. They were so darn cute!!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Birds of a Feather @ The Zoo

I've said it before (I think I said it before)
but if not, I will say it again...
I ENJOY BIRDS!!! How cute is this duck?

OMG! Where's the peacock's head??!!? Oh....there it is....

Pretty Pink Flamingos

Mama partridge feeding her baby! Good mama!!


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