Friday, August 22, 2008

Rainy Friday Morning

My day should be filled with excitement and anticipation due to the fact that as of 5 pm today, I officially start my 3 weeks holidays. But as the cool rain falls this morning with a temperature of only plus 10, I feel a sense of 'the blues' upon me. I believe I am starting to mourn summer already. The fact that all the school supplies are out and alas, I do not have to go buy any for the first time in 12 years adds to the sadness of the day. No rushing around to ensure that jeans have not been outgrown over the summer, that the school shirts still fit and are still presentable without stains or holes. No going to the school to ensure registration is done. No writing out cheques for yearbooks and student fees. No arguing with my boy to let me put a little hair gel on his hair for school pictures. I shouldn't be feeling this sad today. Perhaps it is just the rain.......

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