Thursday, July 10, 2008

Self Help

Got thinking about different programs on TV lately (make-over shows mostly), all the "self-help" books, all the "motivational speakers" and I have come up with some things I would like to see:
"Your Home Is Crappy But If You Are OK With It, We Are OK With It"
"Your Clothes Are Old Fashioned, But At Leased You Are Dressed"
"My Boobs Are Not Symmetrical - But Actually - That's Pretty Normal"
"Having Enough Self Estem To Not Compete Against 20 Other Women For A Man On National Television"
"I'm OK, You're OK, We All Are OK"
"When Adequate Is Good Enough"
"I'm Average And I'm OK With That"
"Not Looking To Get Ahead"
"When Is Enough, Enough"
"How To Live A Good Life Being An Average Person"
"I've Got Food, Shelter, Love, That's All I Need"
"I Have A Chev Malibu And Am Not Afraid To Park By Your Lexus"
.........hmmm.........can you tell what kind of a day I had?

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