Tuesday, July 15, 2008

He's back.....

Oh little BUNNY it's been so long since you were in my garden. In my YARD, no dog to bark, my tied up CAT's your pardon. ---------------- All last year and now this summer my flowers how they bloomed, they're now chewed daily, the roots left barely, my posies are now doomed. --------------- Why is it my perennials, the ones that cost me lots, that you must munch on for your lunch rather then weeds not bought? ----------------- The dandy lions they did not cost me, nor did all of that clover. If you were any kind of FRIEND, you would my plants pass over. -------------------- But no you eat my pricey flowers, the ones that don't reseed. You're lucky I adore you so - but please eat my chickweed. ----------------- Your furry face and puffy tail are to me so sweet. Those great big ears, those deep brown eyes, those strong back bunny feet. --------------------- So while you feed, please think of me, and spare my most EXPENSIVE. ------------------ In return no one shall harm you in my garden HERE, you will be safe, you will be fed, 'cause you do less damage than the DEER.

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