Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sample Crafts

The Cherished Home Made Christmas Bag!

I love making cards. But I have to be in the right mood. Sometimes I get people asking me to make special cards for them. "Could you make me a birthday card for a little girl who is turning 5?" That's harder. Cause sometimes I am in an "earth tones" mood which is maybe not suitable for a little girl's birthday card. I get in runs of colors and card types. Last year I did a "Garden Series" where I made cards out of pictures I took of my garden. Flowers, Lady Bugs, etc. I love them.

In the bottom right pictures is a Christmas ball I have made for the last couple of years. I started by making one for a friend and before you knew it, I had 20 other co-workers wanting one. I made 25 of them over two weeks and by the time I was done, my fingers were burnt raw from my glue gun and I thought I would puke if I ever had to make any again. I sold the other 5 within one hour. I didn't really make too much on these balls. Perhaps 50 cents an hour!

I made a Christmas gift bag for a friend at work last year. I thought she was "bag worthy" but she set it under her Christmas tree and her dog chewed it to bits! (You know who you are funny girl!!!) So here is a picture so you can remember what it looked like! :-) Oh yeah, did I forget to mention I have a gift bag fetish? I buy pretty gift bags and then have a very hard time giving them away! It's a sickness I know.

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