Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Kitten Kat Cat

Banjo is 7 years old and he is a very special part of this family. Though he came to us a simple barn cat, he is King in this house hold. He was 18 lbs at 1 years old. And even though he has been eating only about 3/4's cup diet cat food a day ever since, he's topped out at 30 lbs! I have had him to the vet and am told that even though he is over weight, he is still very healthy. He had a bad fall a couple of weeks ago (it's a lie that cats always land on their feet) and he has gone down to 27 lbs. We are trying to keep it off him! He still has a bad limp but hopefully with time, he will be back to normal. I love him lots!

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