Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Crafting - It's My Crack Cocaine!

I got into making home-made cards about 8 years ago when I was standing in the middle of Pharmasave with almost $25 worth of Mother's Day cards in my hand (mom, mother-in-law, Nana, Gramma.....). I started with a very small card crafting supply and I now have a craft room that would make Martha Stewart green with envy! Well...maybe not Martha, but some other really crafty person who has no where to do her crafting! It's now almost an addiction. I have bought many $$$ worth of supplies that I have never used. Crafting tools that I have only used once. Oh but the joy I receive spending hours organizing and arranging my stuff! I figure that it is my smoking, my drinking and my crack cocaine all rolled up in one. It relaxes me, soothes me, makes me happy on a very dreary day. Give me a rainy Sunday afternoon, "The Sound of Music" in the DVD, sitting at my craft table with beads, paper, glue and glitter all around me and you will see a woman in euphoria.

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