Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thinking Out Loud Thursday let's see if I am ready for this weekend:
  • Get Stanley to bring up my Christmas tree tonight (check)
  • Fluff branches and put lights up tomorrow night (oh wait...)
  • See if I bought new tree lights last year (hmm...I'll do that tonight)
  • Decide you need more room for tree (wish my living room was bigger)
  • Get Stanley to move living room furniture around (change my mind 5 times)
  • Get Stanley to move love seat to basement (change my mind)
  • Get Stanley to bring love seat back upstairs (put it in the 1st place it was)
  • Get Stanley to lift decoration boxes to living room (offer Stanley a beer)
  • Get Kurtis out of the house Saturday (he's working - perfect)
  • Banish Stanley to the basement after heavy lifting is done (yup)
  • Banish Banjo to the basement with Stanley (no problem)
  • Ensure lots of David's Tea is made (mmm...Vanilla Chia...)
  • Load new favorite Christmas tunes onto my ipod (double check!)

Yup!  I'm almost ready!! 

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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Do Not Hate Me...

...because I love all the Christmas decorations out in stores already...

I bought some new decorations November 1st
this is normally the weekend I put up my tree
(remember that Canada celebrates Thanksgiving in October)
it's not getting put up today

but perhaps tomorrow...



Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thinking Out Loud Thursday

small tokens of memories
they are simply rocks
bits of sea glass
and tiny little shells

they sit in little glass jars
upon my kitchen window
reminders of holiday bliss
they make me smile

sometimes I open them
and try to smell the ocean
and sometimes I can
and it makes me happy

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Something Had To Change

Let me first assure everyone
we are all alive and well here in Southwest Sask!

And except for the snow that started Saturday night and has yet to quit...
(but it is mid-November on the Prairies of Canada after all)
life is slowly starting to fall back into place.

First off - nothing has changed with Banjo.
He is as sweet and as grumpy as ever.
And #1 son is doing fine.

The biggest CHANGE last month
was that Wayne, after 17 years at the same company, quit his job.
I won't say too much since I know people he used to
work with read my blog, but let me just say that...

September was HELL on us and
it is so wonderful having my Stanley back!

He has been at his new job for 5 weeks now
and he is at home a minimum of 10 hours more a week.
Stress free.

Well somewhere between June (above photo) and July of this year
my hair decided to get natural curls.

I've had arrow straight hair all my life
whether I've had short or long hair.


I like it.

I've also had a couple of non-serious
health issues I have been dealing with the last few months.
Many doctor/specialist appointments later...
all is looking well and it's nothing that
more sleep
continued clean eating
continued exercise
less work
and less stress won't cure.

I have promised myself to:
  1. Get back behind my cameras that have been sitting idle for far too long
  2. Get back to blogging - I miss it and my blogging friends
  3. To leave the monkey's at the circus when I go home
  4. To follow my HEART, my HEAD and my SOUL more
at the end of the day...

"Balance is not better time management, but better boundary management.
Balance means making choices and enjoying those choices."
~ Betsy Jacobson

There's always choices - it's whether you are prepared
for the consequences of those choices or not.

"If ants are such busy workers, how come they find time to go to all those picnics?"
Marie Dressler

Ants have never been accused of being lazy
yet they still always find time to go to a picnic.

"Being rich is having money; being wealthy is having time."
Stephen Swid

You have to decide what your personal time and sanity
is worth to you and what you are willing to risk losing if you don't have them.

"If you are losing your leisure, look out; you may be losing your soul."
Logan P. Smith

We all leave this world in the end...don't leave your soul behind.

Hmmm...all wise thoughts indeed.

xo Catherine

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Essential Consequential Changes

September 2014 is gone in less than 20 hours
big changes coming in October
priorities were appraised
choices were made

what is most important in your life
what are the consequences if you continue as you are
continuing as you are is not an option
so changing is essential

"I think everyone should get rich and famous and do everything they
ever dreamed of so they can see that it's not the answer."
~ Jim Carrey

Thank you to those checking in
Yes - I'm still alive and doing well
I'm just focusing in another direction right now

xo Catherine

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Welcome My Garden Heros

standing in the middle of your garden
late afternoon
camera in hand
with 30+ of the cutest birds
flying around your head
landing at your feet
watching you watch them
as they twit, tweet and flit about
gobbling pesky aphids
that have invaded after the rain...

they are not camera shy
nor are they scared of me
landing beside me but for a moment
testing my reflexes and camera speed
too busy ridding my garden
of evil insect pests
to be bothered by the likes
of an enchanted bird-loving human...

I am still here
creeping in the background of all of you
keeping tabs on my bloggy friends

I am keeping my comments off for now

there's not much summer left in Southwest Saskatchewan
and I am trying to hang on to it
as long as I can...

xo Catherine

Friday, August 1, 2014

Hello August

Hello August!

I greet you with bitter-sweetness
for you move fast and September is on your heels.
Which in these parts of Canada means
autumn will be here soon.

The beauty of June is already a distant memory.
The blossoms.
The smells.
The colors.

Was it really over a month ago
that Wayne and I were on Vancouver Island
taking in the beaches and island life?

And now July has faded into the past.
I've been enjoying morning tea on the patio before work.

Taking in the colors of the flowers
and the warmth of each new day.

I've been watching my potted tomatoes
grow and multiply in the sun.

I've been marvelling at the wonders of nature
as spiders drape my garden with webs
that are soon covered in morning dew
making them shine like crystals.

I've been saving baby birds
that accidentally hit the windows.
I scoop them up and hide them high in garden pots
to ensure neighbourhood kitties don't find them while they recover.

I've been watching and laughing
at crazy squirrels raiding my bird feeders
although I should really be chasing them out of my yard.

I've been refilling bird feeders and bird baths
ensuring my sources of summer entertainment
feel welcomed and keep returning.

I attended a wedding where my son was the
BridesMAN for his very best long-time friend.
Taking the opportunity to take
a long-over due family photo.

I've had the opportunity to coffee and lunch
with many different friends last month,
some that live far and near.

At the wedding I also got to catch up with
this sweet young friend
who thinks Wayne and I are "young and hip"... :)

And Banjo has still been enjoying his nip cow
from his meowbox goodies he received last month.

So if you are looking for me in August
I will be outside when I can be
hanging out with my garden fairies
and all the other garden ornaments...

including Ceramic Kitty
who someone(?) so thoughtfully(???)
put in my backyard while we were away.

Ceramic Kitty with freaky glued on eyelashes.
Not sure how long she will last in my backyard...
just sayin'...

Wishing you a most wonderful August!

xo Catherine

Friday, July 18, 2014

Quietly Enjoying Summer

morning cups of tea
sitting admiring my flowers
watching and listening to the birds
before starting my work day

evening walks after supper
still so sunny and warm out
sunscreen is a must
walking fast so mosquitoes can't keep up

trying to enjoy the quickly passing summer
savouring each warm moment
before it passes and slips into autumn
and we are back at winter


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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

It's Enough To Drive You To Drink

When I took this photo, it was mid-afternoon and Wayne and I were sitting in the sunshine, on the street corner patio of The Old Spaghetti Factory in Victoria, enjoying a refreshing beverage.

I said to Wayne,  "Now...remember this exact moment when we have to go back to work."

Pomegranate Brain Freezes
Watermelon Margaritas
Mint Mojitos


A quote from The Irish Times Pub menu


Why was I not born rich instead of witty...


Friday, July 11, 2014

The End is Nigh

Or at least it seems like it as you are grasping onto your
last few hours of vacation...and as someone said,
"The bigger the summer vacation the harder the fall."

Speaking of falling...

Wayne...being a goof...

(ya' got to love a man that humours you for photo ops)

Would you believe - that in 8 nights/9 days, we only spent
$131.90 on 'entertainment'?  But we were entertained the whole time.
There are so many free things to see and do in Victoria
if you don't mind doing a little walking.

Street entertainers - if you liked them, you gave them a tip,
 if not, you kept on walking.
Markets, art, sites, music,
so many things to see and do.

Amazing fences.

Colorful and unique houses.

(which is actually in Coombs, BC.)
But yup, a bunch of cute goats living on 
the roof of a Country Market.
How fun is that?

Free music at the pubs!
(Tom Hooper from Grapes of Wrath playing the guitar)
Ummm...yea..bagpipes...not my favorite but *shrug* 

And although the food certainly wasn't free,
we didn't find it overly expensive.
And let's just say it's a good thing
we were doing so much walking...

Restaurants we ate/drank at:
  • Bard and Banker - Victoria (sticky toffee pudding! YUM! Sad their menu has changed though)
  • Irish Times - Victoria
  • Sticky Wicket - Victoria 
  • The Local - Victoria 
  • Darcy's Pub - Victoria
  • Lefty's - Parksville
  • Giovanni's ~ Qualicum (lasagna - best we've ever tasted!)
  • Swale Rock Cafe ~ Port Alberni
  • Jamie's Rainforest Inn - Tofino
  • Rod and Gun ~ Parksville (it was OK - not great)
  • Kwisitis Feast House ~ Tofino (would NOT recommend)
  • The Old Fork - Duncan
  • Cora's ~ Victoria (YUM!))
  • Willy's Bakery & Cafe ~ Victoria (LOVE!!!)
  • Floyd's Diner - Victoria
  • Cactus Club - Victoria (Watermelon margarita's!)
  • The Spaghetti Factory - Victoria

The view was free from
our hotel room!

maybe not 'free' as we had a pretty fancy room.
(Thank goodness for paid-out over time!!)
Inn at Laural Point outer harbour view.

9 days of contentment and bliss.

Our most entertainment expense was from
doing the 4 x 18 hole mini-golf courses
at Parksville and 2 movies at the IMAX in Victoria.

Stanley kicked my butt in mini-golf.

The only thing that marred our trip?
Seeing "Darth Vader" playing the violin and someone paying
to have their photo taken with him.


If the street entertainers start turning beautiful Victoria
into what is the vulgarity of Las Vegas,
I will be staying home.  Just sayin'...

Let us end with a much more
pleasant and authentic photo of Victoria.

(See the sea lion belly up in the water?)

sigh...that's better...


"A vacation should be just long enough that you're boss misses you
and not long enough for her/him to discover how well
s/he can get along without you." ~ unknown

Hmmm...perhaps it's a good thing I go back to work on Tuesday. 


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